North Conway 5 & 10 Cent Store... A Piece Of History In The Heart Of North Conway Village, NH - Listed in The National Register of Historic Places

North Conway 5 & 10 Cent Store
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A Brief History of the North Conway 5 & 10 Store

Circa 1900
circa 1900

North Conway's oldest continually operating retail store celebrated its 70th anniversary in May, 2009. The North Conway 5 and 10 has been a landmark in the village since Sidney Sweeney and his wife, Lillian, opened the business in May, 1939. They sold a little bit of everything, both practical and impractical. A wander around the store today shows that, unlike most of North Conway, not very much has changed since then. The building still has its original tin ceiling and creaking maple floors. Children still come in for penny candy and treasures which can be theirs for a handful of coins. Their parents reminisce about when they were children and did exactly the same thing. Today it is still a classic example of a 1940's dime store. Another era is reflected in the antique wooden counters with their glass separators and choice of traditional merchandise.

Actually the store's history reaches back much farther than 1940. Starting in 1815 Peter Chandler conducted business from this same site on a tree-lined dirt road in the middle ofOnce The Old Carol Reed Store town. The property went through a succession of owners throughout the years. Moses and Isaac Chandler, Simon Seavey, William and Francis Chandler, Charles Whitaker all made a good honest living at supplying the needs of their friends and neighbors. In 1866 Ben and Nancy Eastman acquired the property from William Seavey. George Vernon Eastman continued the business after his father. According to an account of the period George was "pleasant, courteous and obliging" while he supplied "your needs in grocery, stationery, and variety lines, but also in that of flies, fishing-tackle, etc. while his knowledge of the kind and quality of the finny tribe . . . is almost a science." George and his wife operated the business well into the early 1900's. As a matter of fact, they used to live upstairs. Maybe he's the one who keeps putting that light back on!

In 1903 Nancy Eastman sold the property to Myer, George and Samuel Wolf who continued the retail tradition. 1913 saw another new owner when Ross Warren took over. He sold the property to Andrew Davis in 1915. History becomes a bit fuzzy at this time, but we do know that A. D. Davis Insurance offices operated out of the second floor for many years. In 1938 Carroll Reed's Ski shop even had a turn in the premises. In 1940 the property was sold to Sidney Sweeney, and now we've almost come full circle. Shirley and Phil Alcott purchased the business in 1977 and continue to operate it today.

In this present day of fast-paced internet sales and instant gratification, we ask you to pause a moment. You are walking through a piece of history. Take time to enjoy your neighborhood store and the memories it has to offer. After all we've seen the best part of a century. You never know just what you might encounter when you step back in time.

Shopping At The North Conway 5 & 10 In 1945
Shoppers at the 5 and 10 in 1945