North Conway 5 & 10 Cent Store... A Piece Of History In The Heart Of North Conway Village, NH - Listed in The National Register of Historic Places

North Conway 5 & 10 Cent Store
"It's Not Just A Store... It's An Experience"
2683 Main Street • PO Box 249 • North Conway, NH 03860 • 603-356-3953


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Interesting Facts


Opening Day 1939

The 5 and 10 is an American creation. The first one was started by Frank Winfield Woolworth in 1880 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. By 1911 he was operating 319 stores all over the northeast and in Great Britain. By the end of the 19 th century many other 5 and 10 Stores joined the spreading retail success. There was Kress, Kresge, Newberry's, McCory's and W.T. Grants. Most all the 5 and 10 prospered and even gained ground during the Great Depression. It was one of the few stores where people could afford to shop. By the 1950's the big discounts stores started to muscle their way into place. Many of the independent dime stores disappeared in the big box competition.

A determination to keep history alive has helped the North Conway 5 and 10 to continue for over 70 years. Many hours of research and encouragement from the local Historical Society were rewarded in 2004 when the building and the business were declared a National Historic Landmark by the Federal Government. The building has many special features which helped to earn this status. The walls are painted horsehair plaster adjoining a beautiful turn of the century pressed tin ceiling. Maple shelving runs along the full length of the building. Solid maple floors, original maple counters and shelving grace the interior. There is an atmosphere of authenticity and nostalgia, all very real and all very 5 and 10.

Fun Tidbits

  • Amount of fudge sold to date = nearly 25 tons
  • Number of customers in 2009 = 53,133 (Keep in mind that each paying customer has an average of 1-3 other people with them
  • Number of different items = about 1400 different categories with 5-50 or more items in each category
  • Number of different suppliers= 120 from 25 different states and Canada
  • Oldest employee (by age) since 1977 = Ann Towle who retired at 88 after working in 5 and 10 stores for over 50 years
  • National politicians who have visited the Store = George W. Bush, Gary Hart
  • This store has had only 2 different owners in over 71 years
  • Most unusual item ever sold = corset laces to a local restaurant for a huge antique shoe (NO we don't STILL sell corset laces!)
  • Number of different book titles = over 800
  • Number of different kinds of candy = 110
  • Different fudge flavors= 30
  • Most unusual 5 and 10 Store artifact = oilcloth crimper
  • Close runner up to that one = check printer ( keep in mind that almost all the antiques we display were either used in this store or sold in this store
  • We have 75 ft. of candy
  • We opened the same year that "Gone With the Wind" was first published
  • One of the most popular attention-getters = child's tool set which was purchased back from the grandson of the original customer

1939 Costs

  • Cars - $750
  • Gas 19¢
  • House - $6400
  • Bread - 8¢
  • Milk - 49¢ Per Gallon
  • Average Salary = $1800 Per Year = $36 Per Week
  • Television Sets 1st Go On Sale